MAGA man's logic malfunctions when asked if abortion is murder

When it comes to MAGA folk, trying to have a logical conversation with them will get you nowhere. But that doesn't stop Jason Selvig of the Good Liars from trying.

Like when he repeatedly asked a MAGA fan (below) — who said abortion is "absolutely" murder — whether or not Herschel Walker was a murderer if he indeed paid for an abortion [or two]. It's amazing how many nonsensical dodges the gentleman came up with for the same question:

"Well, we've all done bad things."
"Warnock hasn't repented his sins."
"It's according to what you want to call murder."
"If you see someone breaking into your house and you kill him, is that murder?"
"Well, what is sin is sin. Some sins are more long lasting."

The only sensical thing to do when you spot a red-capped genius is to run for the hills.