Watch the creepy Blake Masters campaign ad where he quietly plays with a silenced handgun

Blake Masters, the Peter Thiel clone beaten by Democrat Mark Kelly in Arizona's Senate race, will now be returned to the shmeat loom from which he was formed, for reprocessing. If you're wondering why he lost, this campaign video of him offers the flavor of what about 54% of Arizonans felt looking at him.

What Blake and his backers don't get is that guns are supposed to be loud, rootin' tootin' fun. In this campaign ad, though, he's firing a silenced Walther PPK in an abandoned quarry "outside Tucson", muttering very little other than, repeatedly, "Made in Germany". His demeanor suggests calm yet fathomless obsession. His reed-thin arms make him look like a teenage psychopath training to annihilate his junior high.

"Whisper quiet. Made in Germany. Just a little bit warm."

He does not say that it was the gun that Hitler used to kill himself, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was thinking it there, alone in the quarry but for a cameraman, sound guy and a slightly warm Walther PPK.