The Moscow Marge trio: Paul Gosar joins Greene in her mission to oust Speaker Johnson

Marjorie Taylor Greene's destructive mission to oust Republican Speaker Mike Johnson picked up steam today with fellow Congress-conspiracist Paul Gosar. This comes after MAGA Rep. Thomas Massie joined her cause on Tuesday.

"I have added my name in support of the motion to vacate the Speaker," announced the extremist who spoke at Nick Fuentes' white nationalist convention with Greene in 2022.

"Our border cannot be an afterthought. We need a Speaker who puts America first rather than bending to the reckless demands of the warmongers, neocons and the military industrial complex making billions from a costly and endless war half a world away," Gosar ignorantly said, not understanding (or, more accurately, caring about) what it means to "put America first."


According to some accounts, the number of Republicans prepared to kick Johnson out of the speaker's office is likely to inch higher soon.

Following up on our coverage from a few days ago, in a chamber with more than 400 members, the fact that a few want to depose Johnson might seem trivial, but the legislative arithmetic remains highly relevant: With one GOP member scheduled to resign in the coming days, the House Republicans' conference will shrink to just 217 members, leaving party leaders with a one-vote margin.

And from Meidas Touch:

Greene' praised Gosar for joining her on the motion to oust Johnson on Twitter. Putin fan Gosar issued a statement that his reasons for joining Greene's motion is Johnson's support for Ukraine aid and his failure to attach amendments on the border to the bill.

With several other Republicans expressing that they are also likely to join the motion once the Ukraine bill passes, Johnson is going to need votes from Democrats to save his job. Rep. Jared Moskowitz has already stated more than once that he will not allow House Republicans to oust Johnson to replace him with someone even crazier.