Mike Pence finally cracks open: "reckless" Trump "endangered me and my family"

Now that former Vice President Mike Pence's memoir, "So Help Me God," is being released, he's suddenly an open book, or at least a page, when it comes to Donald Trump and the deadly Capitol riots (funny how a memoir can do that).

Finally, Pence — targeted on Jan 6, 2021 by the Capitol mob, who chanted "hang Mike Pence" in front of a makeshift gallows — publicly admitted to David Muir on ABC's "World News Tonight" that the former president "endangered me and my family and everyone at the Capitol building."

"It angered me. But I turned to my daughter, who was standing nearby, and I said, 'It doesn't take courage to break the law. It takes courage to uphold the law,'" he said in last night's interview (see video below).

"I mean, the president's words were reckless. It was clear he decided to be part of the problem."

Front page thumbnail image: Mike Pence. ABC News (screengrab)