You don't need to wait for Black Friday to get two camera drones for $130

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November is in full swing, so that holiday gift list is probably on your mind. But who needs to wait for Black Friday to find amazing deals on gifts? We're dropping early Black Friday discounts every Friday in November, so there's no need to wait until the end of the month to find gifting ideas with excellent prices. One such example? This amazing twin drone bundle

Typically retailing for $398, the Alpha Z PRO and Flying Fox by Ninja Dragon are only $129.99 or 67% off — no coupons needed. You can gift both to a lucky loved one or split the two between a couple of new drone pilots this season!

According to Michael Gearin at Photoflight Aerial Media, "drones offer a new view or vantage point to a project. You're no longer limited by a cameraperson. For example, if you want a faraway shot that zooms into a closeup, a person can't capture that." That means drones can be used in industries ranging from real estate to construction

The Alpha Z PRO and Flying Fox might not be cut out for those jobs, but they're an excellent starting point for learners with zero drone experience. Both of these drones come equipped with a fantastic dual-camera system — one 4K front camera and a 720P bottom camera — allowing users to capture stunning landscape and top-down photos.

On the surface, the Alpa Z PRO comes in black, while the Flying Fox sports a silver colorway. Both feature an altitude hold mode to stabilize their flight, a one-key automatic return that hails the drones back when you're done flying, and a four-channel mode that allows them to navigate in all directions. Additionally, both drones can connect to their companion app via WiFi, allowing you to upload pictures and videos from your drone to your device in real-time.

However, a couple of notable features setting the drones apart are their battery life and flight distance. The Flying Fox offers up to 320 feet of control distance and up to 12 minutes of flying time, making it ideal as your primary camera drone during shoots. The Alpha Z PRO can stay in the air for up to 9 minutes and travels up to 300 feet, so you could use it as your backup when the Flying Fox's battery runs low. 

During our Every Friday is Black Friday promotion, you can get the Alpha Z PRO and Flying Fox Bundle for only $129.99. And make sure to keep an eye out for more fantastic deals each Friday,

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