Trump security trapped bored MAGA fans last night until dull speech ended, says ABC

While a lackluster Donald Trump rambled on for a grueling hour last night to announce his 2024 presidential campaign, people were bored. So bored, they tried to leave mid-bunkum, but according to ABC's Jonathan Karl, security "started preventing them from leaving" to avoid bad optics — as in a half-emptied audience.

"I actually saw people trying to leave, and people leaving early before he was done — he's still speaking now," Karl reported while Trump droned on in back of him. "And then they [security] — perhaps I think a little concerned that the hall would empty out too much — they actually started preventing people from leaving. Now they are no longer allowing people to leave."

In other words, the MAGA audience was as trapped last night as the entire GOP is with the maniacal Trump still teetering at the helm.

(See videos below.)

Front page thumbnail image: ABC News (screengrab)