Watch Mike Pence glitch out after getting a Black woman's name wrong

In his CNN "Town Hall" interview last night to promote his book, Mike Pence proved once and for all that yes, he is indeed an android. And he needed a reset after addressing a Black independent voter by the wrong name.

"Barbara, thank you…" he said about her question regarding the overturning of Roe v. Wade. "I represented Madison County for many years…"

To which she interjected, "It's Andrea."

And rather than do what humans do — "Oh, sorry Andrea!" — and move on, the robotic Pence malfunctioned, responding with a nervous "Nice to see you," before awkwardly freezing up. It took a few moments for a reboot, at which point the bug seemed to disappear, at least temporarily.

Front page thumbnail image: CNN (screengrab)