Nicolas Winding Refn returns with Copenhagen Cowboy

Nicholas Winding Refn is easily one of the most talented and visually idiosyncratic auteurs working in the field of cinema. Refn's moody style and subject matter make his films some of the most meditative and broody films on the market. From his work on the cult classic Bronson and the crown jewel of "it's literally me" cinema that is Drive, Refn's unique approach to violent protagonists affords them strange humanity that resonates long after the initial viewing. However, several fans of Refn's films have seemingly made it their mission to misinterpret the movies and protagonists they worship.

Even though Refn's movies have found a devoted fanbase with a specific subset of film bros, the director has proven his versatile voice belies some of the unenlightened fans his movies attract. In the video linked above, you can check out the trailer for Refn's new film Copenhagen Cowboy. Let's hope the film bros don't skew the conversation around this new flick.