The live-action version of Spirited Away is hitting streaming services

With the arrival of Hayao Miyazaki's last directorial effort rapidly approaching, fans of Studio Ghibli are obviously feeling a little bittersweet about the project. To stave off negative feelings about Miyazaki's impending retirement, Studio Ghibli has ensured that fans have a treasure trove of real-world experiences that celebrate the highs of the famed animation house. Earlier this year, Studio Ghibli unveiled its new theme park with a litany of attractions that bring some of the most famous landmarks of their films to life. In addition to the park, we also got a live-action stage adaptation of the classic movie Spirited Away

Since the live-action adaptation of the play was only performed in select areas, it seemed like global fans of the film wouldn't be able to enjoy the project. Now a multi-camera performance of the show is finally starting to hit various streaming services in Japan. You can look at some breathtaking photos and learn more about the production in the post embedded above.