Watching ice skaters train will make your head spin

Ice skating is one of those sports that is deceptively difficult. Upon initial inspection, it's easy for one to believe they'll instantly possess the grace and fluidity of professionals on the ice. How hard is it to slide around as opposed to walking? As anyone that has ever engaged with the activity will tell you, ice skating is actually quite challenging.

Like all of the great masters, professional ice skaters make the activity look so effortless that it makes neophytes feel as if the level of mastery expressed by experts is immediately attainable. Whenever you watch a top-tier ice skater spin like a toy ballerina in a music box, it's important to remember the hours of intense training that went into the move. In the video linked above, you can check out one of the exercises designed to help professional ice skaters practice their spinning technique. I'm not gonna lie; it looks pretty fun.