RIP Aline Kominsky-Crumb (1948-2022)

Underground cartoonist and Weirdo editor Aline Kominsky-Crumb died earlier today at the age of 74. She had pancreatic cancer. She was a founding member of Wimmin's Comix, published by Last Gasp from 1972-1985. More recently, Kominsky-Crumb collaborated with her husband Robert Crumb on a series called  Aline and Bob's Dirty Laundry.

From Forbes:

"Aline's work really stood out when I first saw her in early issues of Wimmen's Comix," said cartoonist Roberta Gregory, a Wimmins' Comix alumna who became the first woman to self-publish her own work and created the long-running "Bitchy Bitch" series. "It was exuberant, 'primitive' (in the good sense) and breaking every art and storytelling rule in the world. It was so inspiring: If you had a story to tell, go ahead and tell it with all ya got!"

She is survived by her husband and their daughter, Sophie, also an artist.