This moving sand lamp blends art and functionality into one furniture piece for $88

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There's just something therapeutic and relaxing about locking your eyes onto a soothing light. With LEDs becoming more mainstream in lighting fixtures, you can tap into an array of colors with a simple flick of a switch or the press of a button. In their purest form, lamps exist to provide light. But the most eye-catching and therapeutic ones also double as works of art.

One example is the Moving Sand Sandscapes, a table lamp that excels at both. This durable and attractive lamp is protected by a stable frame made of high-quality glass built for stability, and it's currently on sale for $87.99.

This unique table features a moving sandscape as the star of the show. It's sure to captivate your attention and those who glance at it. Exquisite moving sand art flows from top to bottom inside a circular glass frame. The glass frame can be rotated to fit your preference. An included remote can control the adjustable color temperature, allowing you to adjust the brightness level to match your lighting preference. It can even help elevate your mood. Set a warm temperature to unwind after a long day or a bright light to energize yourself during work.

The cornerstone rests inside a circular half-ish black frame that encases the 24-lumen lamp. It can rest securely on surfaces thanks to its sponge anti-skid pad prevents scratches on your preferred surface. With its weight only clocking in at two pounds, you can move it from your living room to your bedroom to your office with minimal effort.

The Moving Sand Sandscapes perfectly combines craftsmanship, design, and function. It instantly enhances any space it's placed in, providing a touch of class and elegance while serving its primary function as a lamp.

Whether for yourself or as a gift, this lamp will make the perfect gift this holiday season. Purchase the Moving Sand Sandscapes for just $87.99.

Prices subject to change.