Change the way you snooze with over half off this top-rated anti-snoring sleep mask

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Got a lot on your mind? If you have debilitating anxiety, a sleepless night and bad dreams may also follow (which can't be worse than real life at this point). But, when you do get those REM cycles in, it's a done deal that you or your bed buddy will offer that noggin a swift jolt once the incessant snoring starts stinging your nostrils. Change the way you sleep away whatever the hell is happening in 2022 with this Hupnos Anti-Snoring Sleep Mask.

If you're ready to get an absolute beast of a slumber, the Hupnos could be your key. Pairing with an app that knows when you're sleeping, the Hupnos shows you when you're in heavy snoring ZZZs throughout the night to try and nip that hornet full of midnight bedroom wasps in the bud.

The mask then detects your position in bed and helps you understand your snore patterns to correct them. And, since back sleeping warrants the most engine revs, you'll get a little buzz when you get into that position, letting you know it's time to adjust. But it's just enough to alert you without shaking you in the night.

Beyond everything else, the mask also includes respiratory airway dilation, which increases your expiration pressure and opens all of your airways. Hence, you're never uncomfortable when trying to get your eight hours in. Speaking of being comfortable, It's made of premium microfiber, which means less futzing every 10 minutes when you're supposed to be snoozing.

Need to get some sleep on the go? No sweat, this mask is ultra-portable, so even if you need to share a room with four of your closest buds on vacation or coworkers on a retreat, you can rest easy (literally) knowing no one will be awoken by a fright train.

See what's all the rage over at Men's Health, AARPEngadgetSleep Reviewand Forbes. Get the Hupnos Anti-Snoring Sleep Mask, which includes a USB charging cable, product guide, and reset tool, for $94.99 or over $100 off.

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