Trooper pulls couple over for speeding, ends up saving their baby's life

A state trooper pulled a couple over on a North Carolina highway for driving nearly 100 mph. But when the distraught parents told Trooper Matthew Brown that their infant daughter had RSV and wasn't breathing, the former firefighter and EMT jumped into action, possibly saving the baby's life.

From WCTI:

Derrick Stroud, and his fiancée Victoria O'Neal, said if it wasn't for Trooper Matthew Brown's quick reactions after pulling their car over, they aren't sure if their daughter, a triplet named Amelia, would still be alive.

…Stroud said he drove almost 100 mph on Highway 148 to get his infant daughter from their home in Kinston to ECU Health.

Brown, a former firefighter and EMT, said he knew he had to move quick to save the 9-week old's life.

"When I got back there, the baby was unresponsive sitting in the child's seat. I turned her head towards me and I could see that her lips started to go blue and she was having a lot of trouble breathing," Trooper Brown said. "Once I got her out of the seat, she started to breathe a little bit better. Her blueness started to go away and I started to rub her back and stimulate her to keep her awake where she could focus on getting her breathing back to normal."

Baby Amelia is now in stable condition, and her parents have since brought her triplet sisters to the hospital as soon as they started showing signs of RSV.