Fox reporter shows Kevin McCarthy how he could lose House Speaker to a Democrat (video)

While Rep. Kevin McCarthy sat behind the scenes on a Fox News set waiting his turn, Fox correspondent Chad Pergram described how the coveted position of House speaker could slip away from the Republican House Minority Leader's grip and fall straight into Democratic Rep. Hakeem Jeffries' lap.

"The GOP will have 222 members next year. If all 20 McCarthy opponents vote 'Present,' that means McCarthy only gets 202 votes," Pergram said on The Story with Martha MacCallum yesterday afternoon.

"If all 212 Democrats vote for Hakeem Jeffries, he becomes speaker."

In the end, it all boils down to whether the most extreme in the MAGA faction of the GOP would rather own the RINOS or the Libs.

Via Mediaite

Image: Kevin McCarthy / Fox News (screengrab)