Wonder Woman 3 is dead in the water

The DC extended universe, captained by Zack Synder, stumbled right out of the gate. Synder's teenage angst-ridden approach to the DC universe caused the then-fledgling franchise to hemorrhage critical and commercial support. The negative perception of the DC universe continued to gain traction with the release of David Ayer's Suicide Squad, which further tarnished the brand's reputation. 

As the DC extended universe was caught in a tailspin of bad press, one film emerged with enough positive momentum to salvage Marvel's distinguished competition. Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman hit the zeitgeist like a sledgehammer and helped produce the DC extended universe's first objectively good film. 

However, now that James Gunn is calling the shots over at DC, it seems like the Wonder Woman franchise, as we know it, is coming to an end. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the third installment in the Wonder Woman series has gotten the ax in the wake of Jame Gunn and Peter Safran's brand restructuring.  

Multiple sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman 3 is not moving forward and is considered dead in its current incarnation.

Sources say that Jenkins recently submitted her treatment, co-written with Geoff Johns, and that Gunn and Safran, as well as Warner Bros. Pictures co-chairs and co-CEOs Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy, broke the news to the filmmaker, telling her the project — as it stood — did not fit in with the new (but still unfolding) plans. Jenkins directed and co-wrote the previous two movies, starring Gal Gadot and released in 2017 and 2020. No decision has been made about next steps.