Trump's bid to end the Mar a Lago FBI investigation ends in humiliation for his pet judge

Trump's very loyal appointee, Judge Aileen Cannon, has been repeatedly humiliated over her willingness to ignore the law in favor of her pal. Following orders from a federal appellate court, Cannon has been forced to dismiss Trump's lawsuit attempting to halt the FBI investigation into his hoard of stolen classified materials. Cannon's performance, in this case, has served as a stellar example of how packing the courts with inexperienced sycophants from the Supreme Court on down is slowly helping destroy the rule of law.

Daily Beast:

"The case ends in what should be humiliation for Judge Cannon," said Loyola Law School professor Jessica Levinson. "She was resoundingly slapped down by her conservative colleagues who explained that it's not just that she had a creative interpretation of the law. It's that she inserted hserlf into a case where she didn't belong—and essentially acted as another advocate for the former president of the United States."

"Her decisions just completely lacked judicial restraint. That's way out of the bounds of what's acceptable. And she made political decisions with no legal basis," Levinson added. "This is about as bad as it can get for a judge who seeks jurisdiction when she shouldn't, which is to have like-minded appellate judges say, 'What were you even thinking here?'"

The federal investigation continues, and it is now being led by special counsel Jack Smith, an aggressive war crimes prosecutor who left his post in Europe last month.