NY Judge threatens Trump with jail time

The Trump campaign "inadvertently" left up a copy of the Truth social post that saw Donald J. earn his first gag order. After learning the post was still public, Judge Engoron got pretty pissed off and threatened the Trump team with fines or imprisonment, as he asked them to explain what the heck.

As per normal the Trump team is relying on a "we're just incompetent and can't run a large organization" defense, which will probably not help as the Judge determines how and if the Trump Organization, as a going concern, is allowed to exist in New York.


"I will now provide defendants an opportunity to explain why this blatant violation of this gag order should not result in serious sanctions including financial penalties… and or possibly imprisonment."

Trump attorney Chris Kise apologized to Engoron, saying it was "inadvertent" that the post was able to live on what he called a "back page" of Trump's campaign website.

"It appears no one also took down the ICYMI link that's in the campaign website in the back pages," Kise said.

"Truly this appears to be inadvertent," Kise said, adding, "I certainly apologize on behalf of my clients."

With his proven history of failure at running businesses, or governments, Trump remains the Republican favorite for President.