Patient dog has had just about enough

Meet Cuihua, a Golden Retriever who is a very patient pup who has had just about enough of this shit. TikTok user jn33s1z has devoted their account to posting videos of Cuihua sitting patiently while being teased in numerous ways. This recent video of Cuihua being tempted and then denied a lollipop has gone viral, with almost 63 million views. But it doesn't stop with a lollipop. Here's Cuihua being annoyed with a party horn. And with a dinosaur puppet. And here's Cuihua finally putting an end to this torment. Don't worry, Cuihua is clearly a very loved dog. In between the videos of Cuihua being teased are plenty of videos of Cuihua being pampered, like this one where Cuihua gets to devour some very lovingly-made pancakes.