Nobody knows what killed dozens of crows along a Vancouver trail

Visitors to Vancouver's Central Valley Greenway trail were shocked to find dozens of dead crows along the path. Nobody knows how or why so many crows died in a small area. You might call it… a murder mystery. The Ministry of Forests say that an avian flu outbreak, while apparently unlikely, can't be entirely ruled out yet. From the Burnaby Beacon:

[Resident Paul] Cipywnyk described the sight of the dead birds as "eerie"—and noted that there was a murder of live crows in the area that he felt were behaving oddly.

"What I found a little odd was, the crows up in the trees were very quiet. In my experience, if crows see a dead crow they tend to be very concerned—they tend to be making a lot of ruckus and wondering what's going on. They are very social birds," Cipywnyk said.

"These were just kind of sitting up there in silence. So I don't know if they were also sick, or… I don't know what was going on there."