A Michigan mother anonymously cyberbullied her daughter for a year

It's got to be difficult being a teen in the modern era. Sure, you have the convenience of technology at your fingertips, but you also have to deal with living in a society that is utterly addicted to said tech. Navigating pimples, puberty, and crushes were difficult enough before social media hit the scene. With the advent of Tik Tok and Instagram, modern teenagers often bring the social hierarchy of high school home with them.

As our society becomes inextricably linked to social media, cyberbullying has grown into a major issue for millions of teens. Typically when a teen experiences cyberbullying, they can usually turn to their parents for guidance on the matter. However, if you have a mom like Kendra Licari, that decision would make the situation even worse. In the post linked above, you can learn about Licari, who was responsible for cyberbullying her daughter for an entire year.