Up, up and away: Shopper goes for comical joyride when her coat gets stuck on a store's gate (video)

A shopper took an unintentional joyride when her coat got caught onto a shop's outside rolling shutter, or "gate" — which then lifted her about 10-feet high as it opened up for business.

As the shopper shot upward, she pitched forward and flipped upside-down, never letting go of her foldable shopping cart.

Fortunately, somebody inside the shop quickly noticed and ran outside to help. The metal shutter then went back down about a foot, allowing the shopkeeper to unhook the woman and set her down to safety. (See video below, posted by the Daily Mail.)

Although the incident must have been a bit frightening and could have ended badly, the fact that the shopper remained so calm — seeming nearly oblivious to the entire ordeal — paired with the song "You Raise Me Up" (covered by Ali El Hagger and Ahmad Ali El Haggar) — made it look more like a comedic vaudevillian act than an unusual mishap.


A shopper got stuck on the shutters and lifted into the air until a helpful worker from the store came outside to rescue them. 🫣 🎥 bestonetonteg1

♬ You Raise Me Up – Ali Elhaggar – Ahmed Ali Elhaggar