Musk set up a phony poll asking Twitter users to vote on whether he should step down. They voted yes

As far back as November, Enron Musk made it clear that his leadership role at Twitter was temporary:

That didn't stop him from conducting one of his laughably unscientific polls asking Twitter users to decide his fate as the acting head of the company. Musk owns Twitter and will call the shots — and keep tweeting his pathetically unclever tweets — whether he keeps the title of Chief Twit or bestows it on one of his cringe-worthy sycophantic puppets.

So, even though "voters" decided Musk should step down, nothing will change. In fact, Musk will now have someone to blame for his next screw-up. They'll be eliminated and then he'll find another willing sacrificial lamb to obediently trot up to the altar and press its neck against Musk's dagger.

Naturally, the very stable geniuses of the MAGA world, such as noted cybersecurity expert Kyle Rittenhouse, are claiming that left-leaning bots rigged the vote, which is another boon for Musk because it will make it easier for him to justify his next purge of the woke mob that is ruining Twitter for the good people of Gilead.

@elonmusk the votes saying "yes" are most likely bots and there are far more tweets voting against you stepping down then there are in favor of it. The majority of the people vote NO!