Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have all now removed Twitter/X integration from their machines

Nintendo announced that it was removing Twitter/X integration from its game console, following similar decisions from Sony and Microsoft. Switch users will just have to post to Facebook instead.

The integration was removed as part of the Nintendo Switch's 18.1.0 update, taking away the ability for users to link their X account with the console, or post in-game screenshots from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate directly to the social media platform. The removal of these features comprised the majority of the 18.1.0 update, which also includes some general stability improvements and ditches support for linking social media accounts via the Switch's Friend Suggestions feature. Nintendo announced these changes last month but didn't explicitly state the reason for pulling support for X.

No reason given, but Elon Musk announcing last week that X welcomes porn is exactly the sort of thing that might be a final straw for Nintendo. Sony and Microsoft ducked out after he invited the Nazis back.