Messi's world cup celebration becomes the most-liked Instagram picture of all time

It's interesting to think about how much social media shapes our modern society. Apps that essentially serve no purpose other than sharing cute anecdotes, pictures, and videos of your cat have become the subject of copious debates online and in government. When you consider how much sway social media companies have on public discourse- and consequently, the future of humanity- it's always refreshing to remember that they're ultimately just silly websites. Forget the soul-crushing revelation that millions of Americans get their news from Instagram and remember that the most liked picture on the platform was an image of an egg. 

Well, that egg used to hold the top spot for most Instagram likes. As he's prone to do, Lionel Messi just trounced his competition after a photo gallery showcasing his World Cup celebration usurped the egg's dominance. The argument of Messi being the greatest football player of all time is cool and all, but watching Messi eclipse the biggest meme on the net is the stuff of legends

A gallery of Lionel Messi celebrating Argentina's World Cup win has become the most-liked Instagram post ever.

Hours after posting it, the footballer received more than 65 million likes – and the number is constantly rising.

Argentina defeated France on penalties in Sunday's final in Qatar – their first World Cup triumph in 36 years.