Musk's failure to identify the most significant factor impacting Tesla's stock price spells continued doom (it's him)

Elon Musk blames the economy, interest rates, and who knows what, but it is not his antics bringing down Tesla's stock price. Musk's apparent dedication to his new pony, Twitter, and absence as CEO at Tesla, matched with the shocking decisions and decision-making skills Musk has evidenced of late, have called into question the Chief's Twits' qualification to be TechnoKing of Tesla.

Tesla also has a shockingly high P/E ratio compared to other car makers.


On Wednesday, Musk responded to a tweet suggesting he won't "even entertain the idea that his behavior impacts the stock price."

"Maybe so, in which case … buying opportunity!" Musk replied on Twitter. "I keep saying that Fed rate is insane, because data I'm seeing says we're already in deflation. If True, then real rate of return of T-bills is roughly that of S&P500. Very smart investor I spoke to today said he's shorting S&P…"