Surfer recreates Nathan Apodaca's viral Ocean Spray skateboard video—and gets sprayed by the ocean

Getting sprayed by the ocean while drinking Ocean Spray Cranberry is as literal a reference as you might get to product. Reproducing Nathan Apodaca's viral video from 2020, of him long-boarding while drinking Ocean Spray Cranberry juice and singing Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams," this surfer gets sprayed. He is not singing.

I came across this video on the Instagram account for kristina_sirmays. They indicate that the link came from @thevaultsurfing, yet the link is expired. I also found the video on YouTube. Ho Stevie! has also taken to the ocean to recreate Apodaca's legendary performance.

Check out this TikTok compilation of Apodaca-inspired videos with people on tractors, forklifts, and just walking with the right vibe.