Chaotic GOP removes all metal detectors outside House chamber

The turbulent GOP couldn't get their act together yesterday, failing to name a speaker after three rounds of votes. But somehow, on the same day, House Republicans managed to work in harmony to get to the more important stuff, like removing all of the metal detectors outside the chamber floor to make things less safe.

According to Axios:

The magnetometers were installed outside the House chamber in January 2021 to beef up security after the attack, but some Republicans have vocally opposed the increased security checks. …

A rules package for the new Congress removes "Democrat fines for failure of Members to comply with unscientific mask mandates and security screenings before entering the House floor," Republicans on the House Rules Committee said.

Members should not face unnecessary disruptions as they carry out their constitutional duties," they added.

Their enthusiastic teamwork came just three days before the 2nd anniversary of the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection. That's the spirit!