New Year's motivation from Richard Simmons

It's not too late to make resolutions for the new year! And if you're lacking motivation, here's Richard Simmons to inspire you. This video was posted on January 1, 2023 on his YouTube page, but the clip itself is clearly many years old. His message is still helpful, though. Instead of pushing you to make lofty goals that already feel overwhelming before you even attempt them, he encourages setting reasonable goals so that you aren't doomed from the beginning. He says that making a change is difficult, and requires evaluating yourself honestly, asking "what am I capable of doing?" He wants you to try to reach beyond your grasp and expand your horizon, yes, but says to "be realistic and adventurous at the same time—don't set yourself up for heartbreak." In a world full of people obsessed with biohacking and pushing unrealistic and unsustainable fitness and health crazes, I'm glad Richard Simmons is still here to encourage us to treat ourselves more gently.