Human remains in jogging suit beside railroad tracks… weren't that

In Wickham, Western Australia, a pedestrian was shocked to find what appeared to be human remains in a jogging suit beside railroad tracks last week. The appropriately-concerned citizen called police who cordoned off the area as a crime scene. Forensic officers and a pathologist were called in to examine the body. Turned out though, they weren't human remains but rather bovine. Why a cow was wearing a track suit and how it died remain a mystery. From ABC News:

"[It] has caused police to use an entire day and three police officers guarding a scene for something which was never a human in the first place," [said Roebourne Police Senior Sergeant Dale Harmer.]

Senior Sergeant Harmer said police attending the scene had thought the situation did not "look right", but they still had to follow protocol.

"You can't just go into looking at something like that and lifting it up and digging around it to see if it's human remains or animal remains, we need the right people up here to do that," he said.

"They do have to err on the side of caution and get the right people in, every time."