One month in jail for woman who stole Biden daughter's diary and sold it to chuds

The diary of Ashley Biden, daughter of president Joe Biden, was stolen and sold to right-wing activists. The thief is off to jail for a month after pleading guilty to a stolen property charge. Aimee Harris, 41, also received three months of home confinement and must forfeit the money Project Veritas paid her.

Ashley Biden stored a diary and other items at a house that she had stayed at in Delray Beach, Florida, in 2020.

The property's owner later allowed Harris to stay at the house. She found Ms Biden's items and, along with a co-defendant, Robert Kurlander, attempted to sell the diary to Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

When the Trump campaign didn't bite, the pair approached Project Veritas.

To select a "dumbest thing Project Veritas ever did" is to purse one's lips as one riffles one's fingers above a box of chocolates, but this is up there with "provide James O'Keefe unlimited funding to create interpretive dance videos."