Bike stunt rider Matt Macduff, seven years after the Loop of Doom left him with 13 fractured bones

"The Only Downside is That, I Could Die…"

Danny Way set the bar high in 2005 when he built a mega ramp to jump the Great Wall of China.

Well, mega ramps have come a long way (pardon the cliché pun) since Danny.

On March 19, 2016, Matt MacDuff, "Athlete, Builder, Podcaster," attempted this body-boggling bike stunt on the Loop of Doom. Yes, it is called the Loop of Doom. What happened after the massive fall? Where is he now?

"After over 3 years of research, determination, and hard work, Matt had managed find everything he needed to make his project happen. Built in a month at the Garden Route Trail Park, the gigantic structure rose 40 Ft into the sky. The crash left him with 10 fractures in his right wrist and 3 in his right ankle. The story behind the stunt is as impactful as the structure itself."

This extensive interview conducted shortly after the accident with Macduff is insightful and inspiring.

"Just as he started to walk again, we catched up with him to get his version of this incredible story. In previous posts about the Loop of Doom, there was a lot of interrogations from the readers so we did our best to cover all the aspects of the project. Keep on reading to take a journey through the mind of a young man determined to leave an impact on the sport he loves."

What is Macduff doing now? Matt continues to astound. In the video, Free to Be, he "explores Freeride's roots aboard his Shore by exploring the sport's revolutionary freedom of defining your own line through an updated lens that reflects his fresh take on the landscape where it all began."