Democrat moves to impeach Biden — a brilliant gotcha moment that stuns MAGA into silence (video)

After trolling House Republicans by wearing a Vladimir Putin mask to the Biden impeachment hearing today, Rep. Jared Moskowitz doubled down, making a motion to impeach President Biden. Of course, the Democrat knew his disingenuous MAGA colleagues would freeze like crouched rodents caught in headlights.

"I'll make the motion, Mr. Chairman, I wanna help you out, you can second it. Like, make the motion to impeach President Biden. Your turn, go head," he said to Rep. James Comer, who responded with sheer silence.

And although a stunt, it was also a gotcha moment that allowed Moskowitz's next point to come through loud and clear.

"No, nothing. We got nothing," he said. "I want to … show the American people that they're never going to impeach Joe Biden! It's never going to happen! Because they don't have the evidence!"

"This is a show!" he continued. "It's all fake! They just want to do these hearings. It's not leading to impeachment. They're lying to their base! On Newsmax, on Fox, leading these people to believe that they're going to eventually impeach the president."

"It's not going to happen." he concludes. "At all. Ever. Period." (See video below, posted by Acyn)

And there you have it folks. Welcome to Moskowitz's masterclass in How to Make MAGA Minions Eat Crow. I have to say, this class was even better than Moskowitz's prank in December, when he hired disgraced former Rep. George Santos to perform a Cameo greeting for Comer.