The YouTube channel "I Like Home" creates some wild Lego Mukbangs

Two of the most puzzling genres to emerge from the YouTube space are Mukbang and ASMR content. Sure, watching rich families flaunt their wealth while feigning humility is arguably the most detestable genre of YouTube content, but the Mukbang genre-which centers around watching people eat- is just plain bizarre. Or, if I'm trying to be fair, it's something that I personally struggle to understand. However, I am also a massive Anthony Bourdain fan, and he built a career around eating on camera. I suppose the difference between Bourdain and the YouTube "foodies" is the level of creativity he employed to construct his television shows.

In the video linked above, you can check out footage from the YouTube channel I Like Home that puts an artistic spin on the Mukbang genre by using Legos to create realistic-looking dishes. Obviously, no one is eating the pieces the channel makes, but the videos are virtually indistinguishable from most ASMR videos on YouTube.