This pipe is called genius for a good reason

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Remember the old days when, if we wanted to toke up, we'd have to sneak off to some hidden hovel and hope that the parental units, or worse yet, the cops didn't find us. Oh, the fun we're missing, now that we can blaze out in the open. Gone is the euphoria of getting away with it. Gone is the excitement of doing something "bad." But never fear—you can still keep it Top Secret when you smoke, thanks to this Stealth Genius Pipe.

True, not all states have legalized marijuana use, but if you live in one of the 39 states that have, you can pull out your pipe loud and proud. And you'll be particularly proud to show off this smoking device. Not only is it sleek and stylish, but thanks to its functional design—a patented dimple pattern that creates millions of micro vortices with every breath and acts as a filter to clean and cool smoke without water, it's generally healthier for you than smoking without a filter. The original flavor and aroma are enhanced while the cooler smoke is better for your lungs and throat, reducing the burning and the coughing.

So while there are other methods of getting that buzz (Jewish rapper MJ Flow suggests trying putting pot in your latkes), using the Top Secret Stealth Edition of the Genius Pipe offers a means with function and beauty plus a unique filter. The Black Evolution slider gives the entire package a more sophisticated and elegant look.

With glowing reviews from a number of publishers including GQ ("One of the best ways to make an adult-acceptable pipe? Make sure it doesn't look like a pipe at all."), Merry Jane (They don't call it genius for nothing.", and Herb ("When science meets art, it's a work of genius."), to name a few, this pipe is the one to have, particularly if you want to smoke discreetly.

It's available now for only $69.99, 29% off the suggested retail price.

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