Ominous letter hints at new mysteries in the world of Elder Scrolls Online

It's January again, which means it's time for massive MMO Elder Scrolls Online to start its yearly marketing cycle back up. After a relatively rough launch way back in 2014, ESO has clawed its way back to the top of the MMO pile—or near the top, anyway, given that World of Warcraft is still around. It's no wonder, given the depth of its lore or the range of mysterious and intriguing locations – a selection that may just be expanding soon enough. Indeed, real-world letters have been sent to certain prominent ESO streamers and content creators, seemingly written from the perspective of an in-universe character dropping vague hints about in-game content to come – and sparking much discussion online.

ESO has done this previously to promote future expansions, so it stands to reason that there are a few vital hints as to the future of the game in the letter… especially when one shines a UV light on it, revealing a sigil from Hermaeus Mora, one of the Daedric Princes. (For the uninitiated, think really powerful demons – each one has their own domain the setting, and Mora's is the acquisition of knowledge.) Who's ready for dungeon crawling through a library, or maybe engaging in vigorous scholarly debate with your enemies?