Japanese whaling company stocking vending machines with whale snacks to spur appropriately-declining demand

Japanese whale-hunting company Kyodo Senpaku has installed vending machines in Tokyo that offer a selection of whale snacks, including whale skin, frozen whale meat and canned pre-cooked whale. Unfortunately, the vending machines have reportedly been a big success and more are planned.

International charity Whale and Dolphin Conservation has raised concerns about the vending machines.

Astrid Fuchs, a representative from the organisation, stated that the idea is "a cynical sales ploy" driven by a small but powerful group of politicians and industry stakeholders.

Meanwhile, the charity's UK head of communications, Danny Groves, described the plan as "absurd" and pointed out that there is limited demand for the meat, and the hunting methods used are inhumane.

The Japan News quoted a Kyodo Senpaku spokesperson as saying, "Unless domestic consumption increases, the traditional whaling industry won't survive and [elements of] Japan's unique dietary culture will be lost."