Oops! Mike Pence scolds Biden's classified docs mishap — before docs were found in his own home (video)

This morning, we posted about the discovery of classified documents in Mike Pence's home, as reported by CNN. But before the former vice president joined the mishandled-docs club, where Donald Trump and Joe Biden are already members, he spread his peacock feathers back in December and arrogantly schooled the public on the importance of handling such sensitive material.

"The handling of classified materials and the nation's secret is a very serious matter, and as a former vice president of the United States, I can speak from personal experience about the attention that ought to be paid to those materials when you're in office and after you leave office — and clearly that did not take place in this case," he criticized, referring specifically to President Biden. (See video, posted by Aaron Rupar, below.)

Or course, to paraphrase George Bernard Shaw, "Those who can, do. Those who can't, scold."

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