This refurbished iPad is on sale for a discount

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If you're a creative, a traveler, or a student, chances are a great tablet really has the potential to change the way you get your work done. Not only do tablets grant you access to amazing apps and included programs, but they also by default are incredibly portable, so you really can act when creativity strikes, or work calls, depending on your point of view. But not all tablets are the same. 

So you've considered an iPad at some point but maybe chickened because of the big price or because maybe you already have a computer. But luckily, we unearthed a deal that might make you think again. Here's the Apple iPad Gen 8th Gen 10.2" 32GB (Wi-Fi Only). One of the greatest models made, this sleek iPad gets the job done and will wow you again and again. Right now, it's on sale. 

The iPad 8th Gen comes equipped with an A12 Bionic chip to power essential apps and immersive games. That makes it easy to switch quickly between apps without sacrificing speed and truly multitask. It also has HD cameras, so you can capture amazing photos and videos in greater detail. 10-hour battery life makes it easy to work or play without worrying. Plus, 32GB of storage makes it easy to keep the beautiful art you can easily make with the device! 

If you haven't already discovered the joy of refurbished technology, allow us to enlighten you. When a product is refurbished, it basically means that it gets fixed up to work better, making it not only less expensive but also exponentially more sustainable than buying a shiny new one. This iPad might have some scratches, but it's not simply a hand-me-down. 

The Apple iPad Gen 8th Gen 10.2" 32GB – Gold (Refurbished: Wi-Fi Only) normally costs $399, but for a limited time, you can get it for only $365.99.

Price subject to change.