Congressman used AI to write a speech he read on the House floor

It's not just students who are taking advantage of AI ghost writers to do their homework. Rep. Jake Auchincloss (D–MA) has become the first Congressman (that we know of) to speak about a bill on the House floor using AI to write his speech.

All Auchincloss had to do was ask OpenAI's ChatGPT to "write 100 words to deliver on the floor of the House of Representatives" about legislation to develop a U.S.-Israel AI Center in the United States, according to HuffPost. And in just moments he had his rough draft.

A one-sentence example of what the AI "co-writer" included in the speech is: "We must collaborate with international partners like the Israeli government to ensure that the United States maintains a leadership role in AI research and development and responsibly explores the many possibilities evolving technologies provide."

Although the Congressman did go in and refine the speech a couple of times, the AI chatbox did all the heavy lifting.

From HuffPost:

Auchincloss said part of the decision to read a ChatGPT-generated text was to help spur debate on AI and the challenges and opportunities created by it. He said he doesn't want to see a repeat of the advent of social media, which started small and ballooned faster than Congress could react.

"I'm the youngest parent in the Democratic caucus, AI is going to be part of my life and it could be a general purpose technology for my children," said Auchincloss, 34.

OpenAI, the nonprofit that created ChatGPT, has acknowledged on its website that ChatGPT "can occasionally produce incorrect answers" and that its responses will sometimes be misleading as a result of how it learns. It recommends users check whether responses are accurate or not …

"There were probably about a dozen of my colleagues on the floor. I bet none of them knew it was written by a computer," he said.