This jump starter, air compressor, LED light combo is key for winter

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Nature is truly a lawless place, and the green queen herself has taken no prisoners recently. With the rain, sleet, snow, and devastating weather systems ramping up, life has become incredibly unpredictable. It's always best to be prepared before you're blindsided. 

If you live in a high hurricane area, have been burned before by Mother Nature, or just want to be super prepared, this Ironmax 22000mAH Jump Starter Portable Power Station Air Compressor With LED Light on sale for $199.99 is a great way to stay strongly protected.

Designed with a 200W inverter, a 180PSI air compressor, and an LED light, this generator of all things important is great for getting a jump start on your car, inflating tires, or just getting a better look at things that go bump in the night. It's great for 3.0L gasoline cars and 2.0L diesel cars and can start conventional gasoline cars about 20 times and diesel cars 10 times on a full charge. The LED illuminates parts of the engine compartments and tires when light is sparse and you just need to get the hell out of dodge.

For safety, the Ironmax can also detect misconnections and short circuits, so no one gets a quick zap and an even quicker trip to the ER when they give it a whirl. 

On a lighter note, this is also a great camping buddy. Use the Ironmax to blow up air mattresses, read under the lights, or get that paddle board ready. It's super compact and ready to roll. Need a charge while you're becoming one with the bears? The Ironmax also has AC/DC outlets and a USB port for charging most appliances, including phones and tablets (we know you're not ready to go fully off the grid and, in all honesty, neither are we).

Get the Ironmax 22000mAH Jump Starter Portable Power Station Air Compressor With LED Light for $199.99 (Reg. $299).

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