Prepare for whatever winter throws your way with this universal first aid kit

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As winter weather settles in across the country, there's no telling what Mother Nature might send our way or when, but it sure helps to be prepared. While navigating an emergency situation, there are a few key priorities to keep in mind, including the accessibility of basic medical supplies.

Do your best to plan ahead for this winter and well beyond by taking advantage of a current price drop on the Stormproof Universal First Aid Kit, reducing its cost to only $107.99 (reg. $149). Save some money and gain some peace of mind by making this move, whether your motivation is extreme weather issues or general uncertainty.

This comprehensive first aid kit is waterproof and HSA/FSA-approved. In the event of a minor accident or significant emergency, this package supplies tools that can come in handy when you need them most. Weighing less than three pounds, it's also a valuable travel, hiking, or camping accessory.

Featuring color-coded patches, this kit includes EMT shears, a rapid tourniquet, cloth surgical tape, gauze pads, bandages of various sizes, burn gel, antiseptic wipes, hand sanitizer, oral pain relief, a finger splint, and a space blanket. You'll also have access to hydration packets and water purification tablets, which can be of particular importance when exploring the wilderness.

There is also an array of medication options, including Ibuprofen, APAP, Aspirin, Diotame, Medi-Meclizine, Diphen, and Cold & Flu medicine. These resources can help alleviate difficult moments in vulnerable circumstances, and you'll be glad you planned ahead.

Gloves, a light stick, a whistle, a thermometer, a set of tweezers, and a penlight are among other tools featured in the first aid kit, which is manufactured by MyMedic and carries more than 8,000 five-star reviews from verified buyers on that site.

Don't let bizarre winter weather put you or your loved ones in peril, and carry some extra protection at any time by purchasing the Stormproof Universal First Aid Kit for only $107.99 (reg. $149).

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