Check out this retro commercial for Karate Kid action figures

Recently, Netflix announced that Cobra Kai, the absurdly popular Karate Kid spin-off series, would be coming to a close. Although it's hard to imagine — given the series' insane success — the idea of a Karate Kid television show that follows the adventures of a middle-aged Johnny Lawerence and Daniel LaRusso seemed like a ridiculous prospect that wouldn't merit a second look, let alone a second season. However, Cobra Kai didn't just rely on tugging at nostalgic fans' heartstrings; the series carried its weight on the storytelling front. Through Cobra Kai, it feels like the Karate Kid series will finally get a definitive ending. Well, at least until some screenwriter tries to cannibalize the property with a shoddily made sequel/reboot. 

Before Cobra Kai falls prey to corporate greed, let's take a trip back in time to when the Karate Kid was a vehicle for corporate greed. In the video linked above, you can check out an ad for classic Karate Kid action figures.