Marjorie Taylor Greene weaves racism into her outrageous lies today on the House floor (video)

Now that Marjorie Taylor Greene runs the show on the House floor, she's not holding back with her ignorance, lies and racism. And of course neither Kevin McCarthy (the so-called Speaker), nor any of her Republican colleagues, are holding her back.

So when she was asked to clarify what she meant by CRT (critical race theory), an academic concept about systemic racism that is taught in universities, she was at liberty to define it as a "racist curriculum" that is "used to teach children that somehow their white skin is not equal to black skin." (See video below.)

The unleashed white supremacist sympathizer then went on to say that one elementary school in Illinois "received $5.1 billion for equity and diversity" – as if any elementary school would receive that much money from the government, and as if receiving money for equity and diversity is a bad thing. Her outrageously bogus remarks make George Santos seem like a normal person. (Well, almost.)