George Santos' campaign spent $26,032.06 at an Italian restaurant in Queens

Rep. Kitara Ravache George Anthony Devolder Santos Zabrovsky (Liar Party-NY) is quite a fan of Italian food. Campaign financial disclosures reveal that he spent $26,032.06 in campaign funds at Il Bacco Ristorante Italiano. He also owes the restaurant an additional $18,773.54 for an election night event, making the total a carb-bloated $44,805.60.

From Insider:

Santos' finances have been making headlines as the freshman congressman hasn't explained how he got so much money to spend on his campaign — and apparently delicious Italian cuisine.

He first claimed the money came from a personal loan but has since backtracked. 

His financial follies are a drop in the bucket of a slew of lies and fabrications he's told on the campaign trail. Santos has admitted he lied about his work history, education, and more while running for Congress. Since then, former romantic partners and friends have come forward to accuse Santos of everything from lying about his history in drag to stealing a roommate's beloved scarf.