Qonspiracy lover Marjorie Taylor Greene says AOC "runs her mouth like a teenage girl"

Dark Triad exemplar Marjorie Taylor Greene's narcissistic ego was badly bruised when AOC called her out for trafficking in wacko antisemitic conspiracy theories. AOC made the remark while telling CNN that she was "uncomfortable serving with people" who incite violence:

…individuals that Kevin McCarthy has appointed chosen to appoint to committee. George Santos claimed that his grandparents were in the Holocaust. That was a lie. A disgusting lie. Marjorie Taylor Greene regularly trafficking in anti semitic conspiracy theories. Paul Gosar inciting… these are individuals, Marjorie Taylor Greene included, inciting violence against specific members in the body. He has appointed all three of them to House committees, not just one but multiple… Marjorie Taylor Greene, who was engaging in 911 conspiracy theories, Kevin McCarthy appointed her to the Homeland Security Committee. So there is really no consistency here. And it needs to be very well known that this targeting of Ilhan Omar is because the Republican base finds it easy. The Republican base finds it politically self rewarding.

Greene reacted by complaining that AOC runs her "mouth like a teenage girl."

Remember the time MJT harassed AOC through her office door mail slot?

Thumbnail image: CNN