Download a lost cat sign that isn't really a lost cat sign

If you're like me, you hate coming across a lost pet flyer because it means someone's fur-baby has gone missing. Although deceptive, I would much rather find this fake lost cat flyer than a real one. It has a photo of a cute kitty that reads, "HELP! This is not a lost cat. It has a home and a loving family. We just needed to get your attention. HERE ARE SOME WAYS YOU CAN MAKE TODAY AWESOME FOR SOMEBODY ELSE!" Your reward for stopping to read the sign? A mission to complete a good deed, as prompted by one of the pull tabs. It's part of #TheKindnessProject TV show, created by Montague Workshop and can be downloaded for free. (swissmiss)

Sometimes all any of us need is just a little reminder. This flyer is an invitation to step out and do something for someone else. Each pull tab at the bottom features a small deed that could be a big deal for someone in your neighborhood.