Fox's Jonathan Turley gets chopped into mincemeat today at hearing (video)

It didn't take much for Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL) to knock the wind out of Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley, who foolishly agreed to help the MAGA buffoons at the House hearing today as an utterly uninformed witness.

After pretending to be an expert on what goes on behind the scenes at Twitter, Turley had to answer to Schultz:

DWS: "Mr. Turley turning to you. Have you ever worked for Twitter?"
Turley: "No"
DWS: "Do you have any formal relationship with the company?"
Turley: "No…"
DWS: "Do you have any specific or special or unique knowledge about the inner workings of Twitter?"
Turley: "Nothing beyond the Twitter Files and what I read in the media."

And on it went, for one-and-a-half minutes, chop chop chop, until Schultz cut to the chase: his expert knowledge of "unique and special facts — which you don't possess," turned out to be nothing more than "opinion" and hot air. (See clip, posted by Aaron Rupar, below.)

Front page thumbnail image: Jonathan Turley as witness at House hearing (screengrab)