Trump-loving NJ state Senator leaves GOP to become a Democrat (or a redcap in blue clothing)

MAGA's New Jersey state Sen. Samuel Thompson decided to leave the Republican party because, in true Trump fashion, he felt "betrayed" by his own party.

And he's jumping ship not because Republicans want to cut Medicare and social security or ban books or force 10-year-old rape survivors to give birth or purge American Black history from classrooms or keep imposter George Santos in the House or spread anti-science conspiracy theories — and not even because anyone actually betrayed him — but the far-right snowflake wants out because some local GOP politicians were worried his age — 87 — made him too old to run again.

And, coming from the us-vs-them party, where actual policy positions and ideology no longer even pretend to exist, Thompson — who had hailed Donald Trump's presidency as a "success" in 2016 and 2020, according to HuffPost, thinks nothing of suddenly becoming a Democrat. Because again, positions don't matter when owning the libs — or in this case, MAGA — is the party's one and only order of business.

From HuffPost:

"The betrayal by so many of my friends — that was too much for me," Thompson told The Associated Press on Monday. "I am not leaving my party. My party leadership has left me."

Thompson will run for reelection later this year as a Democrat. He would have faced a "tough" GOP primary, reported the New Jersey Globe.

He served in the New Jersey General Assembly from 1998 to 2012 before four terms in the state Senate.

And, even more disheartening, Democrats are acting no different than Republicans, welcoming the Trump-loving state Senator with a giddy us-vs-them hard-on — in order to gain a senate seat in New Jersey's 40-member chamber.

"A former U.S. Army veteran and research chemist who served for over 20 years in the New Jersey Department of Health, Senator Thompson has built a reputation as a tireless public servant who prioritizes constituent services," New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) said in a statement. "The Democratic Party has always been a big tent party and I welcome Senator Thompson to our ranks."