Someone reanimated Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and it's awesome

Adult Swim is in something of a crisis. During the programming block's formative years, Adult Swim featured a variety of shows that were all massively successful across several demographics. However, instead of continuing to provide a diverse array of content, modern Adult Swim decided to more or less put all of their eggs in Justin Roiland's basket and make Rick and Morty the network's sole breadwinner. Now that Roiland has been charged with felony domestic battery and several other crimes, the network has been forced to reevaluate its content. 

Shortly after Roiland's legal woes caused Adult Swim to sever ties with the embattled creator, the network greenlit five new episodes of their former tent pole series Aqua Teen. In the video linked above, the YouTuber Fairoon posted a scene from Aqua Teen's original run, reanimated to present the anthropomorphic food items as flesh and blood humans. The video is a segment of the ATFH: Rabbot Rebuilt that aims to reanimate the show's first episode.